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At HPSA Academy, our main focus is on improving the athletic abilities of young athletes aged 9 to 16. Our goal is to teach them exercises and drills that will enhance their performance. We use a simple approach that can be easily incorporated into their regular training routines at their club, school, and home.

We take pride in providing the best quality service and ensuring that everyone at HPSA Academy feels like part of our community. Being part of a team and having fun while learning are important aspects of who we are.


Whether you are a beginner, training, or an elite athlete, our clinics are suitable for all young athletes. We have developed the most effective techniques for building high performance training clinics.





HPSA Academy was founded in March 2020, by Cameron Smith. Cameron is highly qualified with ample experience, and is always willing to go the extra mile in assisting young athletes.


Cameron is a qualified Australian Strength and Conditioning Coach and personal trainer. He focuses on youth development and delivers knowledge in a fun, stress free environment. With immense knowledge on most major field sports Cameron aims to help create the future of the countries next top sportspeople. 


Camerons Qualifications:Certified Personal Trainer, ASCA (Australian Strength and Conditioning Australia) Coach, AFL Foundation Coach, NRL Modified Games Coach, AIS Community Coaching, Cricket Australia Primary Coach, ASADA Level 1, Qualified Rehabilitation Coach, First Aid, CPR and Bluecard

Founder & Head Performance Coach

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