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We've shared some of our most Frequently Asked Questions to help you out!


Q. Can my child attend the clinic without football boots?
A. Yes, as long as your child has runners/sand shoes they will be fine

Q. Do we have to book or can my child just show up on the day?
A. You MUST book in advance, we will not be taking on any extras on the day.


Q. What happens if it is wet weather?
A. If we deem the rain to be too intense we will arrange an indoor venue and relocate the clinic. We ask that you watch our facebook and instagram pages for notifications regarding the weather. We will text and send out emails to notify you of any changes as soon as possible.


Q. Why are some clinics priced differently to others?
A. Our clinics are priced to work with the demand. We have to factor in ground hire costs, staff rates, travel and times.


Q. What does my child have to bring?
A. We ask that your child brings a water bottle, towel, hat and sunscreen. Running shoes are a MUST but football boots are desired if owned. 

Q. Do I have to purchase the online program for my child?
A. No, however we find it beneficial for all athletes as it helps improve their skills upon completion of the day clinic.


Q. Is my child allowed to attend a clinic outside of the region we live in?
Yes, we have no issue with that, your child can attend whatever clinic you desire.

Q. What is your preferred payment method?
A. We ask that you only pay via direct bank transfer or through our website system which uses Paypal which will allow most card payments.


Q. Are there any footballs used at your sessions?
A. No, we are not a ball skilled clinic. We use other equipment to make your child more agile, agile, faster and quicker.


Q. Can my child participate in this clinic even if they don't do a field sport?
A. Absolutely they can! Whilst this clinic is aimed at field based athletes, it will teach general principles of speed and agility that can be used in every day aspects of life.

Q. Do you offer refunds if my child can't make the session?
A. We will offer a refund as long as you have given 24 hours notice. Unfortunately we can't offer refund after this time.

Q. Is there any tackling in this clinic?
A. There is absolutely NO TACKLING in this clinic. All components of this clinic are purely speed, agility or acceleration based. Athletes may be paired up and have to tag each other but that is as physical as it gets.

Q. When do I have to pick up my child?
A. We ask that you are at the clinic 15 minutes before the session ends. We do not take any responsibility for children that have not been collected upon completion of the clinic.


Q. Do you have first aid and asthma management plans in place?
A. Yes, we are fully equipped with an extensive first aid kit and trained for dealing with any injuries or issues that may occur.


Q. How often does HPSA come to my area?
A. Depending on your location will determine the frequency of our visits. Our clinics will be more frequent in larger cities or towns.

Q. Are your coaches blue card qualified?
A. Yes all coaches have current blue card certifciations.


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