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Soccer is definitely one of the fastest moving sports in the world. It's full of the worlds best athletes but above the rest in terms of speed, acceleration and agility is none other than Leo Messi

The Argentinian superstar is fortunate enough to be one of the best in the world at both accleration and agility. Messi can be seen displaying his nimble feet against some of the top defenders in the world. He has the skill to be agile with the ball to create a hole against his opponents and force them to go certain directions which help get him closer the goal. Whilst it may be the execution of his goals that gets his fans out of the seat you can't go past this mans flashy feet and lightning speed.

Being one of the smaller players in La Liga, Messi was told as junior that he would be too small to ever play professionally. Leo knew he wasn't going to muscle through the defenders so he worked tirelessly on his agility. Fast forward 20 years and he has now received two Ballon d'Or trophies. There is no doubt this is man is the greatest player in the world.

If you need inspiration for maximum speed, acceleration and agility Leo Messi should be you #1 player to watch!

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