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Rugby League, Rugby Union and Touch Football all have numerous players that show excellent speed and agility. However it's hard to go past James Tedesco as the in-form speedster at the moment. The Australian and NSW representative has been a superstar since joining the Sydney Roosters.

There is no doubt he is the #1 fullback in the NRL and possibly the greatest player in the competition as he took out the 2019 Dally M award.

When gameday comes around for James his silky agility is on display as he is often seen side-stepping opposing defenders and making fast breaks usually resulting in electrifying tries. Tedesco was the top performing line break player whilst also holding the record for most metres ran with the football in his hands. James has the ability to accelerate in the first 15-20 metres quicker than most of his opponents which creates open space for him to reach his top speed and leave defenders behind.

These astonishing statistics wouldn't be possible without the speed, acceleration and agility James possess, whilst he has excellent ball skills, its these attributes that make him the best of the best. 

If you need inspiration for maximum speed, acceleration and agility James Tedesco should be your #1 player to watch! 


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