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When you think of speed and agility in the AFL there probably isn't a more dominant player than Adam Saad  from the Essendon Bombers.

His explosive acceleration from the backline is second to none when comparing him to the other elite players in the AFL. He is in Essendon's top 5 players and is utilized to the maximum of his potential when he lines up with the Bombers.

Adam displays excellent evasion skills when coming into contact with opponents with his nimble footwork. His agility is damaging to opposing teams often seen eluding numerous players in a single phase when the footy is in his hands.

His maximum speed is up there with the best players to have played in the AFL. His average total metres gained is elite and he can thank his excellent consistency in pace for that.

If you need inspiration for maximum speed, acceleration and agility Adam Saad should be your #1 player to watch!

The HPSA Academy instills methods which will help players to emulate someone like Adam.

AFL is a multidirectional sport which requires plenty of lineal and lateral movements also known as change of direction. The HPSA Academy trains the movement patterns required to be agile when playing football. We aim to teach our students how to reach their maximum speeds by working on numerous running factors such as stride length and arm technique.

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