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Caitlin Bassett is one of the more dominant forces in world netball. A tall goal shooter with explosive speed, she is often seen to be first to the ball, leaving her opposing players in the distance. When attacking the ball Caitlin uses a great amount of power when jumping to the ball, when the ball is in her hand she makes executive decisions with precision passing then displays her agility by getting to another spot to create a shooting chance.

If you need inspiration for maximum speed, acceleration and agility Caitlin Bassett should be your #1 player to watch!

Netball is a game played in close quarters with frequent congestion throughout the game. Athletes are often seen doing repeat sets of sprints with a big emphasis on deceleration. Change of direction and agility are also integral skills involved with netball, this allows players to transition from one position to the next. Power is associated with explosive jumping and bursts of acceleration   HPSA instills these skills associated with netball to their athletes to ensure their output is effective and precise.

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