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Cricket is a sport that consists of numerous athletic traits including speed, agility, acceleration and power. Whilst the average cricketer won't be sprinting as much as other ball sport players it is important that when it's their time to take off they do.

Here we have 2 athletes that demonstrate all these traits yet play totally different positions. As far as bowling is concerned Mitchell Starc is a great example of a cricketer who displays staggering speed when he bowls for Australia. Whilst his bowling technique is just about flawless, his explosive power as he runs into bowl is one of the best techniques in the world. With bowling speeds upwards of 160 km/h, these speeds could not be reached without specific sprint training.

Our other athlete to watch is former Australian Captain Steve Smith. Being a batsman at the crease Steve has to put an emphasis on acceleration rather than maximum speed. Reaction time is crucial when running between wickets and could be the difference between in or out. A gutsy runner usually looking for 2's when they're a 50-50 he demonstrates his insane change of direction and power especially off his first 5 steps. 


If you need inspiration for maximum speed, acceleration and agility Mitchell Starc and Steve Smith should be your #1 players to watch!The HPSA Academy instills methods which will help players to emulate someone like Steve.

The HPSA Academy instills methods which will help players to emulate someone like Mitchell Starc and Steve Smith.


Cricket is a 360 degree sport and requires acceleration, speed, react-ability and change of direction in multiple aspects of the game. 
We aim to teach our athletes how to get the best out of their acceleration with specialised running techniques and drills. The inclusion of our reaction time drills also ensures the athletes cognitive aspect of sport is specific and sharp.


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