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The NBA is populated by some of the most phenomenal athletes in the world. There's one man that sits above the rest and has for almost two decades and that is the king himself LeBron James.

A player that shows a tremendous amount of power with his insane dunks and transitions into fast breaks, it is well documented that LeBron works overtime to ensure his speed, agility and power is at its peak.  His opponents fear him when the ball is in his hand as he cuts through defensive lines with slick agility and prowess.

You can't go past his acceleration speed, LeBron held that title for numerous years with an electrifying 4.6 seconds for the 40-yard dash.


LeBron has won numerous MVP's, championships and gold medals whilst keeping powerful and fast at the age of 35. His persistence to be the best will earn him a place in the NBA Hall of Fame. 

If you need inspiration for power, acceleration and agility LeBron James should be your #1 player to watch!The HPSA Academy instills methods which will help players to emulate someone like LeBron.

Basketball is a multidirectional sport which requires plenty of lineal and lateral movements also known as change of direction. The HPSA Academy trains the movement patterns required to be agile whilst playing basketball. We aim to teach our students how to reach their maximum speeds by working on numerous running factors such as stride length and arm technique. We put an emphasis on power and explosiveness as jumping and quick acceleration are key elements to the sport of basketball.


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