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Our 12 Week Program is aimed to assist all young athletes in developing speed, power, agility and strength. The program is broken down into 4 three-week phases. With each week consisting of 4 sessions. 

The At Home Program will include a mapped out 12 week plan consisting of 4 sessions a week, video tutorials and a detailed PDF document to follow.

What will you learn?​

  • Drills for Top Speed, Acceleration, Deceleration, Agility, Power, Core Strength, Reaction Time techniques.

  • Correct running mechanics

  • How to conduct a proper dynamic warm-up and efficient warm -down

  • Stretching techniques to increase mobility and flexibility whilst helping prevent injuries

  • How to use plyometrics to become stronger

  • Activation of specific muscles

  • How to reach your maximum speed in minimal time

  • Quick footwork to evade opponents

Q. WHO should be partaking in the 12 Week At Home Program?

If you're an athlete from any field or court sport this program is the one for you! We're looking for any boys and girls aged between 9-16 to partake in this program.

Q. WHAT to expect with the 12 Week At Home Program?

You can expect to be more agile, faster and have more power. Our expectation for you is that you complete this program 100% and you'll feel like a better athlete!

Q. WHEN should the 12 Week At Home Program take place?

This program is super versatile. So whenever you find some free time for 30-45 minutes a day. We recommend doing the sessions in the morning if you have time, that way it leaves you free time in the afternoon for your club or school training.

Q. WHY should you be doing the 12 Week At Home Program?

If you're a person who takes their sport serious this should be enough drive for you to want to get better. If you're wanting to get ahead of the others in your team or competition you should be undertaking this program.

Q. HOW will the 12 Week at Home Program work?

This program is super simple yet super effective! All you need is a few cones and some room to run. You will be given 4 three-week phases. With each week consisting of 4 sessions. This program is very detailed with an extensive amount of videos and PDF's planned out in the exact order in which to train.

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